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The Ruby Kingdom Section C
Updated: 3/30/2019
The Ruby Kingdom Section C
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Storyboard Description

Summarize the main events from the text by creating a comic strip. It must be at least 10 frames long and include mostly dialogue.

Storyboard Text

  • Why hello Ammy, how are you? Was your flight good?
  • Wanna come with me and my friend Ike? We're going to a cave!
  • Good, I guess. I just wish I could be in Peru with my parents. Hi Simon.
  • Sure...
  • Amelia saw a blue light inside the cave but thought she was hallucinating. Simon, Ike, and Amelia went home and slept.
  • Are you okay?
  • They probably think I'm crazy!
  • Umm...Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go back to Grandma's house after we take Ike home.
  • That night Amelia woke up in a room and opened a door onto a roof. Amelia also found a ring made of blood and bone.
  • I Marathynarrdin, but can call I Mara.
  • Who are you? Why are you here?
  • At a New Years Eve costume party, they saw a masked man who was after Mara. Mara almost seemed magic while she was...Was she flying? Later Mara told Ammy and Simon that an assassin was chasing them and he wanted Mara. The assassin is Mara's brother and Mara is the chief of her people.
  • Mara! What does he want! Is it the ring?
  • Simon and Amelia put an ad in the paper for their lost ring. A strange man called and said it was his. Amelia and Simon met up with him but did not give it. They were told by Mara that he was the Assassin.
  • Well, we can't just give it over...we'll meet up and see if he is allowed to have it.
  • They were asked by Mara to go through the blue light and get a book of lands. Ike, Simon, and Amelia saw many strange artifacts, found the book and left the weird library/museum room to give Mara the book.
  • Okay, I'll grab the book. Hey, there seems to be a time difference. Time goes...slower?
  • Hey, I think I found it Mara's book!
  • Uhhh...great, but can we get outta here. I think something's watching us!
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