Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Boss decides to give a treat to her staff after a promotion as she was buzy so she asks anand to order it
  • I am throwing a treat so plz order 15 cheese patty nd 15 pastries for the staff and i will pay you
  • Ok Boss
  • I dont know which bakery will be best so i thing i should google it
  • I think king bakers would be best lets call them
  • Uff i am confused from which should i order
  • uff so i have to find another bakery shop for cheese patties
  • hello king bakery i want to order 15 chocolate pastries and 15 cheese patties
  • no sorry so please take my order of only 15 pastries
  • sir we are not having cheese patties but we have paneer and simple patty
  • lets call narulla bakers but they are too expensive
  • lets try FA bakers
  • Hello FA bakers i wanted to order 15 cheese pastries is it avilable
  • xyz address send it fast
  • yes sir it is can you tel us the adress it wil be there in 20 min
  • Boss pastries had arrived but patties are on the way
  • sorry Boss we cant trace him i called the bakers the informed me that he is just on his way nd will reach after 10 min
  • Actually both items were not available on one bakery
  • it has been 30 min were are the food items
  • ok call him and trace him were has he reached now and how much time will it take
  • After 20 minsof delay patties arrived and boss gave her treat every one was happy and the wait finally endes