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Time line
Updated: 9/17/2020
Time line
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  • Tiananmen Square massacre
  • Hong Kong protest for free elections
  • Protesters being more aggressive.
  • In 1989 students led a protest to get democracy, free speech, and free press in China. These demonstrations threaten the government which caused them to get Chinese soldiers and the police to shoot at the protesters. This aggression towards the protest nearly caused thousands of protesters de be killed. As many as 10,000 people were arrested. After all of their protesting there was no justice.
  • Media posts
  • China declared new election rules and in those rules end free elections. People that were approved by the Chinese government were the only ones who could run for election. But other issues are bothering the people in hong kong. The amount of people in poverty are increasing and many young protesters feel distant from mainland China.
  • Government taking action
  • Ever since these problem arose about the high amount of people in poverty and limit to free elections the Government still have done nothing to address these issues. This only infuriated people even more causing more people to protest and vandalizing government property.
  • No more fighting
  • It seems that the people still haven't been able to get their point across by protesting, so some people in Hong Kong decided that they would start posting more and more videos of the police being aggressive towards the people protesting. This started making the government and police look bad and more people started to protest and the vandalism, the crime rate was also getting higher.
  • The Chinese government started to get death threats and all lots of vandalism. Considering all of this they took action and involved the military and were arresting as many people as they could which made protesters even more infuriated.
  • After the long fighting the government decide to finally address the issues that were being protested about because of how much protesting and rioting was going. It took a little while for the government to lower the cost of homes and change the election rules but it still happened and people were finally getting out of poverty and justice was served for the people who died during the protests.
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