Igneous rock forming into sedimentary rock
Updated: 2/4/2021
Igneous rock forming into sedimentary rock

Storyboard Text

  • Wee, oh wait, oh no AAHH!!!
  • What the heck, where am I!!! And how am breaking into smaller pieces.
  • Wait why the heck, what has happened to me, I'm so small and why is there so many of me AAAHHH!!!
  • The rock has be going through the water upon its will to stop going through the water.
  • WOAH, why am I going up all of a sudden. Its like Im flying, but in the water, WEE!
  • The igneous rock stays in the water for a long time and then sinks in the water and then goes through the process of erosion and weathering. It then gets broken into little pieces called sediment.
  • Finally, back on shore and now I can fully become a rock and not stay these little pieces of sediment.
  • The rock starts to sink. When it sink's, it gets breaken down and the sediment goes into the lake. There is weathering happening in the water as well as erosion.
  • Feel's good to be a rock. Even a sedimentary. You know what, I thought being a sedimentary would be like play-dough but this life kind nice no cap. I'm harder than Ive ever been!
  • The sediment uplifts after fully breaking and turning small.
  • The sediment then floats up to the top to land. The sediment then starts doing cementation and compaction.
  • The rock fully turns into sedimentary rock and is living the greatest time of his life.