Billy Brannon Performance task
Updated: 11/13/2020
Billy Brannon Performance task

Storyboard Text

  • Sure!
  • Can I join you guys on the walk to the refugee camp?
  • I feel so tired and fatigued...
  • Come on Guys we can make it.
  • One day Maggot was working on the farm when his village went under attack. He did what he thought was right and ran as far away as possible. He no longer knows where his family is but he just keeps walking as far away as he can go.
  • Where could my family possibly be?
  • Maggot has made his way far away from his village he met some people that were on a long trek from the war as well. He was told that the group was on their way to a refugee camp where he would stay till the war is over. Maggot thought this was the best way to reunite with his family so he joined them.
  • I'm so relieved to see you do you know where are parents are?
  • It's great to see you but mom and dad were killed.
  • Maggot and his group begin to struggle, They are running low on food and water but still are three days away from the camp. Also, he is feeling very fatigued. Maggot is beginning to doubt that if they will make it and if he will find his family.
  • yeah I still cant over that we lost our parents
  • Lets stick together till the war ends.
  • Maggot and his group finally arrive at the camp but it is very late at night so Maggot goes to sleep in a makeshift tent. The next morning he wakes up and the whole camp seems to be endless rows of tents. Although he has survived the long harsh journey the only thing on his mind is finding his family.
  • During the afternoon Maggot rushed around the camp looking for his family but he had no luck for the first hour. Then when he was walking back to his tent he spotted his brother Ngor when he found him he was ecstatic. But his brother informs him that his parents were killed.
  • Ngor and Maggot decide they will stick together in the camp until the war ends. They both are struggling with the fact that their parents were killed. Both of them will never feel the same due to their traumatic experiences.