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Updated: 1/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hey Maddie! I’m Ellie.
  • Hi I’m Maddie!
  • No! Stop your so mean! Ellie is an amazing friend and she isn’t even annoying. Your not a true friend and I don’t wanna be friends with you if your gonna talk bad about Ellie. I never will be embarrassed to be friends with Ellie. Ellie is an amazing friend. I don’t want to be friends with you. Bye!
  • Thank God she gone. We should ditch her. Ellieis really annoying and I think we should both ditch her and not be friends with her. Who would wanna be friends with Ellie. It’s kinda embarrassing to be her friend.
  • I will always stick up for you no matter what. Your an amazing friend. Your also a true good friend to me. And sure I can come inside and yeah we can bake. I can stay over too.
  • Hi my name is Ellie and this is my friend Maddie.
  • Thanks for sticking up for me. I can’t believe Emily would do that but this shows me that Emily isn’t a good friend. Your a really good friends and you showed me that I can trust you and it showed me that your a loyal/respectful friend. Do you wanna come inside. We can do some baking and maybe you can stay over..
  • Ellie and Maddie went to the park to hang out and talk about some important things and to tell each other secrets. Ellie and Maddie are telling each other secrets and they both know they can keep each other’s secrets and not tell anyone and they both trust each other which shows they are both good friends. Ellie never tells Maddie’s secrets to anyone and Maddie never tells Ellie’s secrets to anyone. Maddie was telling her opinion on something but Ellie didn’t agree with it but Ellie still stayed respectful and respected her opinion which shows she a good friend. Ellie was also telling her opinion on something which Maddie didn’t agree with but Maddie still stayedrespectful and respected Ellie’s opinion which means that Maddie is a good friend.
  • YES!!!! These cookies and donuts smell amazing. We’re amazing at baking. The donuts we made looks amazing and so does the cookies. Let’s eat these, I’m hungry.
  • YES! The donuts and cookies we made look delicious and amazing. We are so good at baking! I’m hungry too! Let’s eat these!
  • Ellie and Maddie are done hanging out at the park and are done talking. After, Maddie and Ellie decide to go to a play but they wanted to invite someone else with them. So Maddie and Ellie invited there friend Emily to come. Ellie, Maddie, Emily are watching the play but then Ellie had to leave in the middle of the play to her soccer game . So it was only Maddie and Emily watching the play. Emily starts talking bad about Ellie to Maddie which shows that Emily isn’t a good friend. But Maddie sticks up for Ellie and stands up to Emily and she/Maddie shows how respectful and loyal she is to Ellie which shows that Maddie is a good true friend. Good Friends NEVER talk bad about their friends. But Bad friends talk bad about their friends.
  • After, Maddie left the play she went to Ellie’s house. Maddie was outside of Ellie’s house and called Ellie to come outside of her house. Ellie came outside and saw Maddie. Ellie was confused at first but then Maddie told her that they aren’t friends with Emily anymore. Maddie told Ellie about Emily talking bad about her/Ellie to her/Maddie and Maddie told Ellie that she stuck up for her/Ellie and told Emily she didn't want to be friends with her. Ellie was a bit sad that Emily did that to her but then got over it. Ellie was happy and glad that Maddie stuck up for her and showed her loyal ness/respectfulness to Ellie and was happy that Maddie was a great friend.
  • Maddie and Ellie came inside and did some baking.
  • A friends is someone who will try their hardest and best to be a good friend and to be in your life as much as they can. They will be honest, loyal, respectful, and you can trust them. A friend will always be there for you no matter what and will never leave your side. Good friends won’t go behind your back or always be negative about you or anything going on in your life.