lip, trip and fall
Updated: 1/28/2020
lip, trip and fall
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  • sir are you alright you do most slips happen in the office place if water is not mopped up.
  • thank you miss for reminding me to not take short cuts. The janitor should have cleaned up this mess that would have been a major prevention
  • I was in such a rush which can cause most slips. I wasn't even paying attention where i was running to
  • Oh my goodness you must be our newest intern many of us know that if the cords and wires were fixed many injury rates would go down
  • I have fallen running right before it was to late which can cause serious injuries from tripping.
  • In this office if there were duck tape on top of the cords or a caution sign things like this would not happen. Many causes of accidents like this are running which may have been partially my fault. And like with most trip are because of not looking out for cables or things like cords to trip on
  • From what ive seen there is a major leek in the roof that has made a puddle on the floor which can cause a slip. This office is very disorganized which can cause many problems like falls. The cords misplacement on the floor if i were not cautious i could have tripped on. Until this water problem is fixed i will need to wear appropriate shoe wear. I will get the janitor to get tape to put on the cords or a caution sign for the cords so no one will trip when it is time to come in the room.
  • No one can come and work until the lights are back to working because it is a major hazard. If light bulbs are not fixed any of my workers can fall and break a bone or worse. From what i can see in this dark room it is very cluttered and have trash on the floor so it is dark and has trash on the floor. With-ought the lights the workers would not be able to work properly or safely. For safety i will call the faculty to fix the light to stop hazards
  • If she had proper shoes on this wouldn't happen
  • A caution sign would have prevented this
  • Woahh
  • The halls should be cleaned every hour for safety issues
  • Whoever spilled this drink should have cleaned it after this happens. If she wasn't running this wouldn't have happen
  • I would have fell and have injured myself if i was not being cautious of the cord in front of me. I was not running or rushing which is a major factor in how i prevented a injury. If tape is applied to this cord it would make the workplace more safe. Walking and being aware of your surroundings can help in many ways of not hurting yourself in the end game. Now if your not careful you can end up slip, tripping and falling.
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