MIchael Bautista's Unusual Normality Alternative ending.
Updated: 2/16/2021
MIchael Bautista's Unusual Normality Alternative ending.

Storyboard Text

  • I got you my African Brother
  • Sure Thing Dude but you are a weird kid why you calling me sir and talking formal speak like us dude.
  • Let's Go To Upstate NY to stay at your place Sir.
  • Yeah Lets do that.
  • Yes Dude we are here lets go eat some breakfest and after that lets play paintball you know what paintball is.
  • Yes finally were hair and i don't like the weird "weird" I perfer Unusual Dude.
  • Do you know what paintball. and Know to play it My African Brother.
  • No I haven't whats paint ball and how you play it.
  • I'll Help you and teach you no worries my African Brother.
  • Yo Dude How you know how to play Paintball so good you said you never played have you ever played with a gun before
  • Really you defated all of us My african Brother so tell are you a child soilder from Africa I've heard about on TV and you came from Africa so tell us My dude.
  • My good sirs I got something really serious to say I'm so sorry i didn't told you earlier yes i was a child soilder back in africa i was scared because i thought you wouldnt talk to me again i just wanted a normal childhood again.
  • I can't beleive you try to bide that for that i'm leaving you BYE.
  • Bro why havent you told me i dont care if you were a child soildier i'll accept you the way you are dont listen what he says.
  • Oh really thanks im upset of the other guy but you cool can we hang out later.
  • No Problem dude anytime.
  • So much better and thanks for being a real friend i really appreciate that.