Unknown Story
Updated: 11/13/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Once we first entered the catacombs i had a bad cough. Montresor said we could go back but i didnt think a cough would kill me.
  • After going further in the crypt Montresor popped off the neck of a bottle and told me to sip.
  • As we got into the damp catacombs I started to have another niter. And there was damp wet piles of bones.
  • Montresor lead me into a niche which had a hole Montresor told me to get in because of my niter. Then he chained me to the wall
  • Once I was chained Montresor began building a wall closing me in the catacombs.
  • While i was in the catacombs as Montresor was about to finish the wall i cried and begged Montresor and he just mocked. And for the last brick Montresor threw a torch in the catacombs.