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Updated: 10/7/2020
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  • The savanna is very hot and dry. The animals that live can survive the heat ways. The savanna also has a rainy season and a dry season. The dry season gives off very inches of snow. Some of the animals hunt in packs to pick off the weakest plant eating animals.
  • The tundra is very cold. It is the coldest biome and has very few animals that can survive the cold and harsh winters. The tundra has not a lot of rainfall. The tundra gets about the same precipitation as a desert. And much of that is rainfall.
  • Animals have adapted to survive in the desert despite its extreme temperatures and lack of water. Many of the animals are nocturnal. Meaning they sleep during the heat of the day and come out when it is cooler at night. These same animals sleep in burrows, tunnels under the ground, during the day in order to stay cool. Desert animals include meerkats, camels, reptiles such as the horned toad, scorpions, and grasshoppers. The desert is vert hot in the day and cold at night
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