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Election of 1824
Updated: 2/23/2019
Election of 1824
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  • Andrew Jackson "Old Hickory"
  • Don't you think I should have won?
  • John Quincy Adams "Old Man Eloquent"
  • I may have won, but now people are saying my victory was a fluke!
  •  Henry Clay "The Great Compromiser"
  • That deal was a win win for me and the old man!
  • Born to Irish Immigrants in a log cabin and later an orphan, Andrew Jackson had a sense of playfulness, but bravery and temper even at a young age. He was originally a school teacher, but later became a lawyer and to improve income worked in small general stores. During the War of 1812, he was made a general and made many game changing victories during the war, like defending New Orleans from the British and succeeding. He became an American hero, and this led him to run for President in 1824. During the election, though he got the most popular votes and electoral votes, he did not get a majority (required) electoral votes to win. The House of Representatives were given the task to decide the President. The Speaker of the House, Henry Clay made a deal with one of the candidates, John Quincy Adams, so the latter could become President, but Adams had to make the Clay the Secretary of State, thus meaning Jackson lost the election, being particularly upset about it along with his supporters.
  • The son of President John Adams, John Quincy Adams was born in 1767 and quickly became involved in U.S. history, watching the Battle of Bunker Hill, and joining his father on a diplomatic mission to France. He defended Washington's neutrality on his administration via articles. He also was appointed U.S. minister of several European countries. He served many other U.S. political positions, but also was a professor as well. However, after serving as Secretary of State under President Monroe, He entered the 1824 presidential election with 3 other candidates. However, after no candidates got the majority of electoral votes, The House of Representatives received the job of picking the President. Speaker of the House Henry Clay made a deal with Quincy Adams so the House would make the latter president, and President Quincy Adams would make Clay Secretary of State. Thus, when the House voted for Quincy Adams, he became President, but had to do his part of the deal and having to deal with people who thought Jackson should have been President. He was never completely trusted by the American people.
  • Born in 1777 in Virginia to a wealthy family, Henry Clay was only 3 when he got involved in American history, with his house being ransacked by the British. His political career kicked off in 1803, when he was elected into the Kentucky General Assembly. Voters were drawn to Clay's Jeffersonian politics and thus early on he pushed for a liberation of the state's constitution. He also opposed both the Alien and Sedition Acts. Later, in 1806, he took on the Burr Case, as well as being appointed to the U.S. Senate. In 1811, he was elected to the House of Representatives and later became Speaker of the House. In 1824, He got 4th place in that year's presidential election. However, since there was no majority in the election, the House of Representatives had to decide who would become President. As Clay was the Speaker of the House, he was eliminated from the presidential poll, but he still had power over deciding who would become President even if it wasn't himself, as he was still in charge of the House. Two candidates, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, were possible at the chance of becoming President, as the third candidate couldn't participate due to sickness. Adams sought out votes, unlike Jackson, and so met with Clay in a private meeting. In a deal between the two, Adams would become President, and Adams would make Clay Secretary of State . Uncoincidentally, on the first ballot, Adams became President and did his part of the deal by making Clay Secretary of State.
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