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Updated: 10/7/2020
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  • Well, I have just completed my conquest of power, and I need to find an official religion or philosophy. What teaching should we proclaim as the official doctrine of the land?
  • I say that we go with confucianism, which is that if you are able to provide your people with a good and stable government, that they will be loyal and respectful to you in return. If you are a brave and courageous leader, your people will respect you and follow your rules, but if you betray and disregard your people, they will no longer respect you and will not follow your rules. You should educate your men, and only take advice from the educated and elders.
  • I completely disagree. I say we should govern with Daoism, which is where the government is very relaxed and non-aggressive, and does not govern very often. You should let your people be at peace, and be one with nature. If your people are being uncooperative, you are governing too much and should start governing less.
  • I also disagree. I say that we should go with Buddhism, which is where people live good lives and follow the four noble truths and the eightfold path. They follow the four noble truths and eightfold path so that when they die, they go to nirvana, or heaven. If they live bad and dishonest lives, then they will go to live their afterlife in hell. They will worship Buddha as their god and live their lives well in order to go to nirvana once they pass on.
  • I 100% disagree with everyone. Our government should be ruled by Legalism, which is where you pass strict laws with harsh punishments in order to stay in power. You must eliminate your opposers so your dominance will be made well known. Since men are born evil, you must rule with an iron fist in order to maintain power. It does not matter if your people respect you or not, they should fear you.
  • Thank you for your input men, I will make a decision. Have a good night.
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