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Updated: 1/21/2020
Nichols, Natalie StoryboardThat
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  • "Where should we go this year for our vacation?"
  • "What about Gulf Shores, Alabama?"
  • "I have always wanted to go there!"
  • "That sounds great, but how will we get there?"
  • "How long is the trip in a car?"
  • "We should take a car so we can see different parts of different states."
  • "That sounds great to me!"
  • "Everyone should talk to their bosses."
  • "When would we go because we would need to get time off?"
  • Marci wanted to know what our next vacation is going to be. Cherie suggest a tropical place. Natalie has always wanted to go there.
  • "What about during June 22nd to July 2nd?"
  • "We should all be able to get work off."
  • In the same room, Brad wondered how they were going to get there. Todd told them that they were going to take a car. Delaney wanted to know how long that would take.
  • "I think the kids will be so happy to go somewhere."
  • "Yes they will! We should go to the beach a couple of days."
  • "I love the beach!"
  • Marci was agreeing with Todd that they should take a car. Cherie was worried if they were going to get time off, but Natalie was certain they were going.
  • "Sounds great! We will have a great time!"
  • "Yes we will!"
  • Brad decided that we should go on June 22nd and come back July 2nd. Todd thought everyone should get work off. Delaney said Garrett, her brother, that he would be happy because we will go on our vacation during his birthday.
  • " Garrett will be so happy!"
  • Marci told Cherie that all of the kids will be happy to get out of the state. Cherie suggested that we would go to the beach a couple of days. Natalie exclaimed that she loves the beach.
  • Brad said that this vacation was going to be a lot of fun. Todd agreed with Brad. Delaney told them that she will take a look at the beaches and she stated that she was really excited.
  • "I want to see what the beaches look like, but I am really excited!"
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