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Seventh Grade by Gary Soto Extension
Updated: 10/13/2020
Seventh Grade by Gary Soto Extension
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  • Great, time to read these books for the whole night.
  • Sure! Let's meet in the library!
  • Hey Teresa! I was just wondering, are you free after school today so I can help you with French?
  • Hi Teresa! So, let's see how much you already know.
  • Ok!
  • After a long day, Victor sat down at his desk. He thought he should be prepared if Teresa needed help with French. So, he spent the whole night reading.
  • Oh no! What am I supposed to do? She's the one who's supposed to be teaching ME!
  • So, I know all the simple greetings, masculine and feminine nouns, how to say some basic words, how to make sentences...
  • At school the next day, Teresa met him in the hall. "Hey, Teresa," he said, blushing. "Are you free after school today so I can help you with French?". "Sure!" said Teresa. "Let's meet in the library.
  • So, what are you going to teach me?
  • Well, I guess we could go over the basics... or maybe do our HW?
  • What should I say? Oh no!
  • Victor was sitting on the chair. Suddenly, he spotted Teresa. "Hi!" he said, "Let's see what you know."
  • Well that's ok! I could still help you, if you want it!
  • That's good for me!
  • Well actually Teresa, I'm not that great at French. I'm sorry, but I don't think I can teach you.
  • Oh. Thanks Teresa! So next week, same place, same time?
  • As Teresa listed what she knew, he started becoming nervous. He didn't know any of these things! She already knew more than him!
  • Victor is confused. He doesn't know what to say! Several times during the sessions, Teresa had to correct him! He started to think that maybe he couldn't do this.
  • He realizes that he can't keep putting himself in these awkward situations. He decided to just tell Teresa the truth. He is relieved with how Teresa reacts and is glad that he can still hang out with her.
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