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Newtons Laws
Updated: 3/10/2020
Newtons Laws
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  • 1.Ok whats first?.
  • 2.Were going to learn about newtons 3 lawsThis is the 2nd law. When I drop this and want to find the force i take the equation F=MA.
  • 4.So the force is 0.3125
  • 3.Now i take the mass, .25 and the acceleration 1.25 and multiply them.
  • 6.Ok!
  • 5.Now lets go outside to the schools playground for the 1st law
  • 8.YAY!!!!!!!!
  • have a resistance to change motion when trying to go down the slide
  • 10.Ok i've heard a little about this law
  • 9.That was newtons 1st law the law of interia. All motion stays in motion uless acted upon by an unbalanced force11.Now lets learn about newtons 3rd law. For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction so...
  • 12.When you push this swing goes back then it goes froward showing an equal or opposite reaction to the force you are applying
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