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Updated: 2/26/2019
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  • Your son will grow up to be king or to be a religous leader.
  • Please please pleeeease, be a prince.
  • A young boy named Sadartha Guatano was born in Nepal 563 B.C. When he was a baby his father met a fortune teller who told him that Sadartha would be kin or a religous leader. Sadarthas father really wanted his son to be king.
  • ट्रेडिंग स्टैंड
  • So in order for his son to be king, he didn want him to see any bad or sad things that can change his mind. Thats why his father would have guards check before his went on a chariot ride through the town.
  • Its all clear to me now.
  • You can have all the gold in the world
  • One day when Sadartha was older, his guards did not check to see if there was anything. On that same day he saw four sights. One was a sick man leaning on a stick the next was a shrinkingman from disease, the next sight, he saw a dead man, and the fourth sight he saw an astatic. The astetic was happy even though he had nothing.
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  • The mind is everything. What you think you become
  • Then once he saw those sights he snuck out and went into the forest and cut off all his hair traded all his clothes in for a simple gown. He then is picked up by the astetics and joins them. As he goes on he is down to one grain of rice and a Jubu fruit a day
  • He metidated for 49 days straight and then he got a bowl of rice and a glass of milk in his begging bowl. Sadartha ate it and drank it with delight. Then once he renewed his strength, he went back to meditating but it wasnt short after Mara the god of death who offered him riches and goods to get him out of meditation. It didnt work and he reached enlighten ment
  • Sadartha reahed enlightment at once. He would later be known as BUddah. But, he gave up salation to go back down to earth and teach others. Then later he died. But when he came back down to earth andpeople would ask him are you a god?, are you an angel?, are you a spirit? and he said no to all of them. Then they asked, what are you then?. He said ¨I am awaken¨
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