natural selection
Updated: 3/9/2020
natural selection
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  • Once there lived a beautiful species of snakes. they lived in the woods and by a river with green grass.
  • The snakes scales were a perfect color replica so that when they slept they were unnoticeable
  • but after a while the river started to turn into a stream and the trees and grass started to die, it also started getting super hot
  • After a while of everything dying so did the snakes there were only a few left and the once luscious forest started to turn into a desert
  • the snakes started to reproduce and there young looked more like the sand
  • those baby snakes got older and started to reproduce and only leaving a few of the green snakes left after that a new predator came around and could only see the green snakes and all of the green snakes died making the adaptation of brown scales more effective for this environment.
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