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Updated: 1/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hi! I'm Bobby the Sedimentary rock. Come join me on my journey today! Right now my muscles feel very tight and compacted.
  • Woo! After lifting I had a little shooting workout, I was under a lot of pressure to make every shot and now I am hot and sweaty.
  • Wow, I did not realize how hot it was out here. I have the windows down and I am still burning hot!
  • Ahhh! I finally made it home and was able to cool down before work! My skin looks crystal clean ;)
  • It is very chilly in work, but it feels much better than it did earlier in the car. I feel very cooled down.
  • Finally time to relax ad watch tv. This day broke me to pieces. I can't wait to fall asleep!