Updated: 3/9/2021

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  • Yeah. Its touching
  • Lock at This. I think its great that these farm-labor kids get to spend a day away from the farm.
  • That you need to know about?
  • No
  • Has Erik done that I need to know about
  • Why don't you come over here and try to smack me?
  • He said Luis was dead when they got there
  • What!! Someone hit Luis on the head and killed him?
  • Under the bleachers!!?
  • It's time to start telling the truth
  • Don't spend your life hiding under the bleachers
  • Paul witnessed something terrible his friend Luis died but it took him two weeks to die. Erik told Arthor to hit Luis on the head but he didn't know he he hit him that Luis had a blood clot. When Paul witness this the internal struggle was he didn't know how to tell anyone. But when Antoine told Mr Donnelly the truth he told Paul to tell the truth. So Paul wrote the cops a statement about what he saw.