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Updated: 12/17/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Faraway & Utnapishtim let Gilgamesh in on a secret. "There is a plant that grows under the water, it has a prickle like a thorn, like a rose; it will prickle wound your hands, but if you succeed in taking it, then your hands will hold that which restores his lost youth to a man"
  • And so Gilgamesh's quest to find the rose-like plant and return to his city had begun
  • I hope these water currents can take me out to the deepest channel
  • After tying his feet to rocks, Gilgamesh was able to sink down onto the water bed. With the plant in sight, he retrieves it and cuts himself free of the rocks
  • Look there's the plant!!! And with this rock holding me down, I can go and retrieve it
  • With the help of the waves, Gilgamesh was brought back to shore. Upon reaching the shore, Gilgamesh decided to take back the plant to Urak where he will give it to the old men to eat. He too will eat the plant and bring back his youth. So with that, Gilgamesh and Utnapishtim returned to the gate in which he had come from.
  • After a long day, Gilgamesh decides to take a bath in a nearby well. Little did he know, a snake from the pond had its eyes on "The Old Men are Young Again"
  • It's been a long day. I deserve a bath!!!!
  • Without realizing that the snake was there, it easily snatched away Gilgamesh's prized plant and slithered down into the well. All Gilgamesh could do afterwards was weep
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