60 days war
Updated: 5/18/2020
60 days war

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  • Israeli AIr Force
  • Bases
  • Jerusalem
  • Israeli Forces
  • Lets do this!!!
  • Suez Desert
  • Israeli forces
  • Mileh Area
  • In 1967 on July 5th, there was a full air attack on the Egyptian bases in Sinai by the Israeli air force.
  • Israeli Forces
  • Land Forces
  • The following day, June 6th, the hills in north Jerusalem were taken over by the Israeli forces, which lead to control of Jerusalem.
  • 1927-1967
  • At the same time in the West, the Mileh area that looks over the Suez canal and Sania desert was being taken over by the Israeli forces.
  • WE DID IT!!!
  • Jerusalem's West Bank
  • The Arab land forces were demolished by Israeli forces.
  • There were many military, along with civilian, casualties, and losses that were caused by the war.
  • Israeli gained the west bank of Jerusalem which was in turn, the biggest loss for the Arabs.
  • Isralis