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Updated: 4/17/2020
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  • I must go, its my duty
  • you cant go dad its too dangerous
  • I... I can explain
  • sir yes sir!
  • No.. we must go on without you. lets go guys
  • Mulan's dad has to serve in the army but she knows her dad is not strong enough for that. She tells her dad he is not strong enough for the situation but he ignores her. Mulan decides to cut her hair, takes her dad's Armour and goes to war to replace her dad.
  • Mulan has to attend a camp and has to face obstacles such as retrieving an arrow and fails, she eventually overcomes her obstacles and gets accepted into a group to go to war with.
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  • The troops see that the Huns have slaughtered the whole army and they are the only hope. Mulan is at war along with her group attacking the Huns, she then has an idea to set off the mountain to kill them but she gets injured. While Mulan was recovering they realized she was a woman and it was revealed Mulan is left alone.
  • The enemy (Shan Yu) is revealed to have survived the mountain Mulan had set off to kill the Huns Mulan then decides to refuse to sit aside and goes after him to defend her group .
  • Mulan comes up with a plan with her and her group to defeat shan yu. Shan Yu realizes Mulan is responsible for all her plans on killing his people and goes after her. Mulan defeats shan yu and ends him once in for all. Everyone in China praises Mulan for saving China and is highly respected.
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