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Jobe Smith, Gentry
Updated: 9/25/2019
Jobe Smith, Gentry
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  • Exposition
  • Santa Teresa
  • Inciting Incident and Conflict
  • Exit 191
  • Rising Action
  • I will do anything to help Mrs. Spurrier
  • I need you to try to find out the whole story. Please!
  • On a highway in Santa Teresa, California 4 cars speed along the highway.
  • Climax
  • oh my goodness!!!
  • A crash happens and everyone is in shock. The girl in the white car passes away and there were many questions. How exactly did she die??
  • Falling Action
  • Exit 191
  • After the accident, Mrs. Spurrier came by Kinsey's house to inform her that the police found bullet holes on the door of the car. She asked if she would help with finding who was responsible. Kinsey agreed and began looking around for clips. She talks to the police and gets full 'go' on doing the investigation. She starts by talking to Caroline Spurrier's old roommate. Her name was Judy. Judy was very rude during questioning. She wasn't concerned about the death which was odd. Kinsey decided to take a better look.
  • Resolution
  • Stay off Phones
  • Kinsey investigates for days and soon gets a hunch.. She visits Judy's house and finds a strange truck. Directly after she spots a strange man which he instantly tries to flee from her. She then new, it was the killer.
  • Kinsey chased the killer which she now knew it was Terry (Caroline's old boyfriend). She trailed after him on the highway at high speed!!
  • I'm going to get him
  • Terry, with no way to slow down, he rammed into a crane where a working crew was working off the highway. Terry died right there exactly where he shot the bullet that killed Caroline Spurrier.
  • oh my gosh
  • holy crap, help him
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