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Updated: 2/12/2020
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  • My Fish
  • Going to England
  • First day at SHC
  • About 4 years ago one of my friends gave me a Japanese fighting fish called Mortimer. One day we had all the doors open and a bird flew in swooped down to the fishbowl and suck its feet in. Luckily it did not get the fish but soon after that, the fish died.
  • Climbing the AO
  • In the 2018 summer holidays, my family traveled to England where my grandparents and cousins live. We went over there for 5 weeks and did loads of fun things like climbing the o2 and going bike riding. We also spent a few days in Dorset with one of my mum's friends.
  • Making knockout soccer
  • My first day at Sacred Heart College was an entirlly new experience because it was the first time I had to use a chromebook. I also had to learn how to use a lock.
  • Conquring the big Wedgie
  • Climbing the Adelaide oval was one of the best experiences of my life. When we got to the top we got to see the sun go down and the view was amazing. When I was leaning over the edge it was really cool looking down of the oval.
  • In year 7 I made the knockout soccer team as well as 15 others. In our first game we won 9-1 but in our second game we lost 4-3 to a late winner. Despite being out I experienced another level of soccer whiched helped me improve.
  • Over the summer holidays, I went to the big wedgie twice. The first time I went down it was really fast but each time I did it it got better. The second time I went I did the big chucka and that was almost a vertical drop but when I went down it was really fun to get thrown into the air.