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French Revolution Causes
Updated: 10/20/2020
French Revolution Causes
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  • Social Causes
  • Ah the sweet felling of watching people sleep
  • Thats cool but wheres the mcdonalds
  • WOW! They fell asleep everybody
  • oh my god its beautiful
  • Political Causes
  • This isnt fair
  • I !!!!!
  • So due to us being in serious debt lets tax the poor
  • All in favour say I
  • I ... wish we had Mcdonalds
  • Economic Causes
  • We shall feed them MCDONALDS
  • It is delicious and they cant resist it.
  • My queen the 3rd estate is rioting over food outside
  • This is a representation of how the 1st class, the royalty, was viewed so highly that they were even watched while sleeping. The poor were looked down upon though and were thought to be evil.
  • France was in lots of debt because of the 7 years war and from helping the U.S. when the revolutionary war so the government in france decided they should all have one vote per estate and it would screw over the peasants because what they wanted would never go in favor because the 1st and 2nd estate would just team up on them.
  • France was running short on food for the poor and they were not happy about it so they rioted to the queen asking for food and she says "let them have cake" which she uses as a peace offering it doesnt work much though they end up breaking in and killing gaurds but the queen escapes
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