Scene 2
Updated: 2/14/2021
Scene 2

Storyboard Text

  • I agree!
  • We should go on a girls trip before we all seperate!
  • OMG yes!
  • Are we almost there?
  • Let's grab some snacks first!
  • We should write down the rules!
  • Good idea!
  • It was Bridget’s idea. She suggested that before they all leave, they should take a trip together to Gilda's.Everyone agreed, so they began to plan and quickly prepared their trip.
  • The girls planned their trip, got into their cars and departed. They stopped at their local market real quick, to pick up snacks and make their trip even more fun. After that they continued their journey.
  • They went to a parking and parked their cars. They got their snacks ready and started playing music. Lena suggested it would be a good idea if they write down the rules, like who gets the pants and when.