odyssey test
Updated: 2/4/2021
odyssey test

Storyboard Text

  • The cyclopes asks Odysseus what his name is and he tell the cyclopes his name is Nohbody.
  • While the cyclopes is sleeping Odysseus stabs him in the eye with a big spear and blinds the cyclopes.
  • The cyclopes calls for help and says that Nohbody blinded him but no one comes to help because they don't think anyone is there since he said Nohbody blinded him.
  • Odysseus cons past the sirens and they have to avoid the song coming from the sirens.
  • Odysseus is tied to the mast as they go past the sirens to ensure they will not be lured by the song.
  • They do not get lured in by the song of the sirens and get away unharmed because they tied Odysseus to the mast and filled their ear with wax so they could not hear the sirens' song.