Updated: 5/22/2021

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  • It seems like you are quite knowledgeable about this, and after hearing all about it, do you think you have any suggestions on how I can become employed?
  • You can try to find employment in a different carrier path since the one in your field is being taking over by technology. Nevertheless, since you have been unemployed for quite sometime it could also be a sign that the economy is not efficiently utilizing their productive resources. Thus, italso entails financial cost of programs such as employment insurance.
  • Due to me mentioning about employment insurance, I think it's beneficial to know Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, welfare programs, and subsidies. These are not included in GDP because they are not payments for goods or services, but rather means of allocating money to achieve social ends.
  • But doesn't unemployment still impact GDP? 
  • Similarly GDP does not drive unemployment, GDP is decreased because unemployment is higher. GDP can go higher even though unemployment increases in the interim as there are a great many other factors that go into the GDP calculation, increased unemployment would merely cause GDP to be lower than it would have been had employment rates remained higher.
  • Anyways, it's time for me to head to work. If you need anymore help or advice here is my card!
  • No wonder she knew so much...
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