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Updated: 10/12/2021
LIV storyboard

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  • LIV account by ENBDlive it. bank it.
  • Emirates National Bank of Dubai made the process more convenient and accessible to all customers who wish to apply on the offered bank account service (Liv) they can apply using their mobile or laptop even they are at home by using internet and downloading the Liv app in google play store or in apple store, or they can choose to go through the nearest ENBD Bank Branches for them to apply physically on their convenient.
  • What is LIV account?
  • Facts about LIV account
  • · Liv. is the most convenient and easy way bank account opening in the current market with just few documents required and hustle free by the use of apps through internet without going to the bank.· Liv. bank services has a lot to offer when you open an account including
  • 1. the first lifestyle banking app that works around what you like and how youspend your time.2. Liv.Has the benefit earning a Livions that you can redeem and exchange for a rewardevery time you purchase or pay a bills using your Liv app.3. Share money easily via social media channels.4. No branches, no queues5. Enjoy up to 50% off deals and events
  • Money Transfer e wallet Payment Olivia Chatbot
  • Example of LIV application
  • More IncentivesConvenience SecureLower costInnovative
  • High transparencyBetter functionalityCash ManagementEfficiencyWide reachability
  • Benefits of LIV
  • Having your own bank account in just a blink of your eyes without any worries for your family and love ones
  • Now I am convinced to open bank account to LIV.