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Phineas Gage
Updated: 3/10/2020
Phineas Gage
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  • In September 13, 1848, Phineas Gage was a tough and ordinary construction worker. His work was poking holes through the gunpowder to create and explosion and to blow up rocks into small pieces so that his crew could get rid of it. One day he looked away because of a distraction which caused the bomb to explode in front of him. This caused the rod Phineas Gage was using to fly upwards and pierce Phineas Gage in the face.
  • The metal rod struck him on the face yet, he managed to survive. Everyone constantly told him that they would help him. However, he refused and said that he would walk the way. Gage had a huge opening in his head. There was blood all over the place, he should have been dead, yet he still walked to the doctor alone.
  • The doctor found him on the bench and thought that someone had tricked him. However, Gage said no and cheerfully said that he would like to explain the whole situation himself. The doctors were very surprised about how he was still alive, after all that. Gage acted like nothing happened and told the doctor slowly one by one about what happened.
  • While giving Gage medical care. The doctor pushed in his bones back and bandaged him. They placed a cap on top of his head so that the things in his head will stay as it is. While giving him care that's when they found out about "animalcules" which are called bacteria in today's date. They found out that bacteria infection is what is causing the people to get sick and die. They managed to prevent the bacteria from killing Phineas completely.
  • After the huge medical treatment Phineas Gage recovered slowly. Although his body recovered physically and properly, his mentality didn't heal as people thought. He changed completely and showed weird behavior. He refused to take a 1,000 dollars for some pebbles and he got angry very quickly.
  • After he recovered his physical aspect fully he decided to return to his job. After he returned to his job everyone was shocked on how much he changed. Doctors asked him if they could show presentations about his story and study about his body.
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