farenheight story board luca N
Updated: 12/22/2020
farenheight story board luca N

Storyboard Text

  • You smell like kerosene.
  • My wife always complains.
  • No boy, no boy.
  • RRRRR25
  • We cant burn these.
  • we have to.
  • This is the scene where Montag and Clarisse are walking home. and they are having a good time. They are having a good time. Montag thinks that something is following him. (Page 6 )
  • Montag is at work and passes by the hound. The hound is in his kennel and stands up halfway up. Montag says '' No boy". The hound smelled books. (Page 25 )
  • Montag shows Mildred the 20 books he has behind the vent. Mildred is scared and doesn't know what to do. she runs to the incinerator but Montag stops her. He tells her to'' give me a second will you". Montag persuades Mildred to not burn the books. (Page 66 )
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