Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 5/8/2020
Romeo and Juliet

Storyboard Text

  • Yes listen to Benvolio.
  • Romeo is going back to the Capulet's house to find Juliet.
  • You can't shes part of the Capulet.
  • I need to find Juliet.
  • Wow shes so Beautiful.
  • Romeo marvels at Juliet's beauty and they plan to get married.
  • Wow can we get married.
  • I need your help in marrying the girl I love, Juliet.
  • Romeo goes to his father for help to marry Juliet.
  • If I help the Feud between our family's will end. Yes of course I will help
  • Ok I will and I wont tell my friends.
  • You need to meet Juliet in Fair Lawrence's cell.
  • Hes going to kill you!
  • Romeo Tybalt wants a Duel!
  • The nurse tells Romeo to meet Juliet at his fathers cell and keep it a secret.
  • The nurse delivers the news to Juliet and tells her where to meet Romeo.
  • I'll leave a ladder on the balcony so you and Romeo can spend the night together.
  • Thank you so much! I was so nervous.
  • Romeos Father marries them
  • I now pronounce husband and wife!
  • *Kissing noises*