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Updated: 2/22/2019
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By Jack Papandreou

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  • John Quincy Adams
  • Henry Clay
  • Andrew Jackson
  • John Quincy Adams was born in 1767. John Quincy Adams is John Adams Son. He served as Secretary of State during James Monroe's presidency. John Quincy Adams was elected president in 1824. He did not have the most popular or electoral votes yet still became president after what was known as the "corrupt bargain". From what we know, Henry Clay was said to have put his support behind Adams as long as Clay got the position of Secretary of State.
  • Henry Clay was born in 1777. He was the 7th Speaker of the House under Andrew Jackson. He represented Kentucky in both the house and senate. Henry Clay ran for president in the 1824 election. He came in 4th and was eliminated. It was said that he used his role as the speaker of the house to help encourage people to vote for John Quincy Adams as long as he would get the role of secretary of state. Adams ended up winning and Clay got the role of Secretary of State. This was known as the "corrupt bargain".
  • Andrew Jackson was born in 1767. He was a war hero in the battle of New Orleans. He served in both houses along with becoming the 7th president. In the election of 1824 he received the most popular votes and electoral votes. Despite this, he did not become president. He was thought to have been cheated out by Henry Clay putting his support behind John Quincy Adams which led to him getting more support.
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