Ava M
Updated: 2/8/2020
Ava M

Storyboard Text

  • awwww man
  • stop prisoner
  • Please don't take me there i will never do anything bad as long I live
  • you should have thought of that before you tried to escape
  • you will be sorry
  • Boris tried to escape prison by claiming the gate but the guard found him before he could escape.
  • lets get out of here
  • The guard is taking Boris to the solitary because he tried to escape and they don't want him to try to do it aging
  • almost there
  • Boris is in his new cell and rats are in is cell and Boris is scare of rats so he is trying to avode them.
  • Boris found a hole that can lead to a tunnel so he went through it But here was a note there and it said that the person who reads this note this is the way out.
  • if you are reading this this it the way out.
  • Boris went through the tunnel and sees the moon light and thinks he is close to freedom but there are rats in the tunnel.
  • It was a dead end for Boris there is no way out and he is never able to get out so it was just him and the rats because the could not turn back.
  • nooooooooooooooo