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Updated: 6/7/2020
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  • Nick knows CH. 1
  • NANI?!!
  • hmm ;(
  • Quiet!
  • Hello Love <3
  • The Party CH. 3
  • no way... I thought...
  • Did you hear?
  • Touching CH. 5
  • I've been waiting for u
  • ***hic***
  • Nick visits his cousin to have dinner with her and her husband, Tom. Dinner was interupted by a call, Jordan told Nick "Toms got some woman in New York" (Fitzgerald 18). They had an akward dinner.
  • YOU!! CH. 7
  • Nick was invited to Gatsby grand parties. Rumors and gossips about Gatsby starts going around saying "he killed a man..."(Fitzgerald 29). People started to disagree and add on what they heared from other people.
  • BAM! CH. 7
  • BAMMM!
  • Gatsby ask NIck for help because Daisy and Gatsby 'haven't met for many years" (Fitzgerald 93). They were emotion especially Daisy seeing his luxurious llife.
  • Oh no CH. 9
  • Tom confront Gatsby. Gatsby started sprouting "she never loved you" she only likes me (Fitzgerald 130). Gatsby told Tom, Daisy only married him because Gatsby was poor.
  • With Daisy driving Gatpsy's car, while Gatspy sits in the passenger seat, hits Myrtle and drives away. After the Hit and run, Gatpsy says "but of course i'll take the blame " (Fitzgerald 143). He is taking the blame for Daisy.
  • Not many people came to Gatsby's funeral. Nick was by Gatsby side "alone" (Fitzgerald 164).Meaning he had no real friends. They only like him for his money.
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