Chemical vs Physical
Updated: 2/12/2021
Chemical vs Physical

Storyboard Text

  • The balloon being blown is a physical change
  • Auntie can I have a balloon
  • Sure dear
  • .
  • quonk
  • Pond
  • quonk
  • quonk
  • The ice melting a form of chemical reaction to another reversable form
  • Here kaylie have some water
  • Thank you auntie
  • Kaylie and Auntie Jenny went to the park , they saw many things bird, dog and other strangers. Kaylie also saw a person selling balloons. He sold kaylie and blewing it up in a oval.
  • We walked to the pond and saw some baby ducklings swimming around the pond Auntie decided to feed the other ducks some bread crumbs.
  • It was quite hot so we stopped for a short water break. I was sweating alot so was auntie. The water was frozen and started to melt in the heat