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S.S project
Updated: 10/13/2020
S.S project
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Civil water against King Charles

Storyboard Text

  • I am Oliver Cromwell and this is my army force called the Roundheads.
  • I am king Charles this is my army force called the cavaliers.
  • You are being exucted for being a tyrant, public enemy, Traitor, and a murdurer.
  • We finally overthrow the Charles and the monarchs not that i'm in rule i will make a a government that runs like a democracy and get what the people want.
  • Oliver Cromwell was the military leader for the puritans that lead a rebellion against King James. Even though they were heavily outnumbered they had a military genius in Cromwell and they had more skill than the Cavaliers.
  • Everyone that is favor of letting Jews back into England raise your hand
  • After the Puritans took over Charles got put on trail and was found guilty for being a tyrant, Murderer, public enemy, and a traitor. On a cold winter night in England Charles was publicly executed. While being executed Charles aid that he wasn't afraid of dying and told the executor to cut off his immediately.
  • Anyone over the age of 14 caught doing profanity on Lord's day could be fined
  • Cromwell and the Commonwealth is referring to the time called the monarch less decade where Cromwell and the commonwealth ruled the land of England. It had its ups and downs. One hand they let jews in for the first time after 350 years but on the other hand they banished Irish Catholics to the Barren lands of Ireland
  • Welcome back Charles II, Cromwell has died so we elected you to continue as our monarch
  • Cromwell and the Commonwealth worked like today's Democratic government. The picked lots of people to vote on new rules that were being proposed by the people of england.
  • The Puritans had the a big impact on England and made a political and a social revolution in the country. Parliament set aside Sundays for religious observance. They encouraged everyone to know the bible even if the were poor or if they were a girl.
  • When Cromwell died the people of England could not find a worthy ruler to replace Cromwell so instead they brought Charles II back from exile to be their ruler as a monarch again.
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