Updated: 2/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello and welcome to my final project! Today, I will be teaching you about conductors and insulators. 
  • Let's start off by asking, What is a conductor? (explain a conductor) What is an insulator? (explain insulator)
  • Metals and water
  • Now, let's look at some examples of conductors...
  • Now, let's look at some examples of insulators...
  • Wood, air, rubber, and plastic
  • How can we use to our advantage?
  • Conductors can spread electrons along its surface freely
  • Why are conductors and insulators important to physics?
  • insulators create "static" electricity, or stationary electrons
  • Did you know that most students believe an insulator cannot be electrified? (Bar, Shirtz, Brosh, and Sneider)
  • Lets look at an experiment to test this idea. (Wool and plastic picking up paper strips)
  • As you can see, rubbing the plastic comb with wool charged it. This means that insulators can be electrified.