Updated: 2/18/2020

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  • Come on Heracles you need to do better to be a hero!!!
  • What have I done to my wife and children!!!!
  • I must never talk nor see people ever again
  • The youth of Heracles was spent in Thebes, where famous men taught him the skills that a hero should know. He learned poetry and music, but cared far more for sports, in which he excelled.
  • What must I do to pay my sins!!!
  • Heracles was very happy with his wife for a while, but at last, the story says, in a fit of madness he killed both his wife and his three little sons, not knowing what he did.
  • Insted of you doing 8 services you are going now going to do 12, for your sick actions you peasant!!!!
  • Even though he had not known what he was doing, for a long while he hid his face from other people and would not even speak to them.
  • I am Heracles!!!!!
  • At last he asked the gods what he should do to pay for this terrible sin, and was told to bind himself for eight years as servant to King Eurystheus and to perform ten tasks for him.
  • Eventually, therefore, instead of doing him ten services, Heracles had to do twelve.
  • Thus there are numerous stories about the services of Heracles to men, and of the glory and profit he won for himself; the twelve labors are merely the ones that we know best.