the fall of the house of usher

Updated: 9/20/2021
the fall of the house of usher

Storyboard Text

  • hahahah
  • hahahahah what a nice day
  • holy crap i think i am dead
  • opp she dead
  • a beautiful house in a memory back when the house was nice full of color and happyness
  • y do i feel this way?should i leave?am i dieing???
  • now when the house is not that nice and happy with a memory of how it used to be
  • yoooo whattttt
  • they found the sister dead but was not sure if she was dead so they keeped her dead body in the basment
  • when the sister passed Natrrator had started feeling sick like the same kind of sick Roderick had been feeling
  • the Natrrator was trying to clam Roderick down because they keeped her in the basment for 2 weeks and she had not woken up so they barryed her come to find out she was allive. And Roderick and his sister died togeter of fear.
  • Natrrartor ran out the house and went as fast as he could but when he looked back the house had fell and tuned in to a lake