The Knight
Updated: 4/8/2021
The Knight

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  • One morning outside the castle
  • As knights, we are loyal
  • One of the highest honors is for knights to get a dubbing ceremony.
  • That evening, inside the manor, after the knight proven his bravery and skill in battle and was seeing his lord...
  • At least you don't risk your life
  • UGHHHH, I hate my life as a maid
  • A few days later, the knight went to battle again
  • He got severely injured but proven himself once again.
  • He's gained his "dubbing" ceremony!!!
  • I heard it's happening next week
  • When he recovered, people cheered for him. This was the first time he saw people cheering for a knight.
  • At the "dubbing ceremony"
  • When is he tapping my shoulder with a sword?
  • Now I've been thinking about the Holy Grail......
  • The knight wanted MORE. He wanted more glory, and there was just ONE more thing he needed to do. Something mythical but realistic.....