English - Storyboard Comic Strip Project

Updated: 6/17/2021
English - Storyboard Comic Strip Project

Storyboard Text

  • The Kanamits were landing everywhere on Earth.
  • To Kanamits one... 500 feet until impact... I repeat 500 feet until impact.
  • A Kanamit walks into the building to meet all these people.
  • Looks like one of the Kanamits landed right outside this building at this exact moment.
  • The Kanamit introduces itself then says its purpose of landing on Earth.
  • We come in peace to help you and to serve you.
  • How do we know we can trust you?
  • People doubt the Kanamits reason on why they came to Earth.
  • Because we are here to help you.
  • We will see about that. We got to translate that book.
  • So they test the Kanamit on a lie detector.
  • I came to bring you peace and plenty which we enjoy.
  • I walked... Ok fine I got here on a space ship.
  • Ok...
  • BEEP ... BEEP lying ... BEEP... BEEP truth
  • I will ask you a few questions.
  • How did you get here and why did you choose to come here?
  • The technician finds out that book is a cookbook and tries escaping. However, the Kanamits force him onto a ship.
  • Oh no you're not! You will be getting on that ship!
  • I've got to get out of this line. I don't want to be eaten!
  • We translated the rest of the book... It was a cookbook all along!
  • So they test the Kanamit on a lie detector.