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The Trojan War Social Studies 6
Updated: 3/25/2020
The Trojan War Social Studies 6
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  • There once lived a very beautiful queen named Helen and a prince who didn't like her beauty. He grew mad and jealous.
  • I'm so beautiful
  • Just as night fell, the horse was built and the soldiers were inside. The Greek burnt there tents and sailed away, leaving the horse there on the beach
  • He grew so jealous that he took her away and gave her to Troy
  • AHHH!! HELP!!!
  • Haha! Your coming with me!
  • My queen, I have great... Helen! Where did you go.
  • We cant let whoever did this get away with this
  • We just spotted some footprints in the courtyard. I think she's headed to Troy.
  • The soldiers tried many times to get into troy but never could and fought for 10 years. Suddenly, One of them had a master plan.
  • We should build a horse and leave it on the beach with no one there exept for 5 soldiers inside and when they bring the horse in Troy, we attack.
  • Yes Perfect!
  • Come on men! Let's bring it back.
  • Yay! Hurray!
  • The attackers then burnt the city right to the ground and retrieved their queen.
  • Victory at last!
  • The End
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