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The Boston Tea Party
Updated: 9/23/2020
The Boston Tea Party
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Storyboard Description

All the storyboards are based on the video "Liberty's Kids".

Storyboard Text

  • These scenes are from the video Liberty's kids.(1.) The man on the ship is the first scene, he is riding on the ship in the rain and he yelled "AHHHH !".(2.) The girl named Sara Philips is the girl in the 2nd scene, she is writing to her mother.(3.) The 3d scene is where James and Moses work, James got his shirt stuck in the printer where they print the newspapers.(4.) The 4th scene is when Ms. Philips was talking to Dr. Franklin.(5.) The 5th scene is where two men from boston were drinking and talking to each other.(6.) The 6th scene is where Sam Adams is protesting with the men of boston about Tea taxes.(7.) The 7th scene is where Onre is yelling at Moses.(8.) The 8th scene is when James and Moses are riding into Boston to get Sara Philips.(9.) The 9th scene is when James was yelling at Moses.(10.) The 10th scene is where James is asking Moses "How will we find her?".(11.) The 11th scene is when James, Moses and Onre were Hiding from indians
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