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Chem Project
Updated: 10/13/2020
Chem Project
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  • Exactly! Now let's talk about covalent bonds.
  • Okay I think I get it now. But doesn't that mean that the cation and anion become a bond? so like as if you and dad's girlfriend are friends?
  • I think I can explain this one.
  • As long as you aren't mean
  • C'mon, I'm not that bad lol... right?
  • ...
  • Okay so a covalent bond is when a pair of valence electrons are being shared by two atoms
  • That's correct!
  • So an example would be like when me and JJ sharing the nintendo switch... right? so like the atoms are me and JJ and the valence electron is basically like the nintendo switch
  • Also, I don't know if they discussed this at school but polar covalent bonds is when the sharing of a electron pair isn't fair or even between the atoms.
  • Think of it as you and patience fight over the switch and lie let's say patience won the fight and now you barley got time to play but she and more than enough time
  • Really... out of all examples.
  • You're welcome! and no -_-
  • thanks moms!can we order pizza?
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