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Updated: 10/17/2020
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  • Friendship
  • “We travel together,”
  • “Oh, so it’s that way.”
  • Loneliness
  • “Ain’t I got aright to talk to nobody?"
  • “George says I ain’t to have nothing to do with you—talk to you or nothing.”
  • Dreams
  • “S’pose Iwent in with you guys. Tha’s three hunderd an’ fifty bucks I’d put in. I ain’tmuch good, but I could cook and tend the chickens and hoe the garden some.How’d that be?”
  • Say—what’s it to you? You got nothing to do with us.”
  • In this scene George is standing up and talking for Lennie because Lennie doesn't really know how to respond. It relates to the scene becasue George has been Lennie's friend sice they were young and treats him like a family member.
  • Companionship
  • . “No, I couldn’t do that.I had ‘im too long.”
  • Curleys wife is talking to Lennie about how no one talks to her. This relats to the theme as no will talk to her because they don't want to deal with Curley getting mad or they think she is trouble
  • Powerlessness
  • "For the rabbits."
  • George told Candy about him and Lennie dream of owning a ranch. This relates to the theme of having a dream because george and Lennie want to own a ranch with rabbits.
  • Barriers
  • “’Cause I’m black. They play cards in there, but I can’t play because I’mblack. They say I stink. Well, I tell you, you all of you stink to me.”
  • In this scene Candy is talking about how he doesn't want to kill his dog because he has had him so long. This relates to the theme because the dog has been with Candy since he was a puppy. And carlson wants the dog gone because it smells.
  • “And he stinks to beat hell. Tellyou what. I’ll shoot him for you
  • In this scene George had to make the descion about what would happen with Lennie. This goes with powerlessness because George didn't know what else who could do to save Lennie.
  • "For the Rabbits."
  • Crooks is talking to Lennie and mentioning about how they won't let him play cards. This relates to theme becasue crooks is treated different because of his skin tone.
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