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Full Circle
Updated: 9/26/2019
Full Circle
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  • Exposition
  • Highway 47California
  • Inciting Conflict
  • Highway 47California
  • Rising Action
  • What happen?
  • I don't know but it wasn't my brother!
  • While Kenzy is driving on the highway behind two cars she hears a sudden pop??
  • Climax
  • Everyone starts crashing and spinning choas breaks loose then it's silent.
  • Falling Action
  • Go awayyyy!!
  • Kenzy is interrogating the suspects that were at the crime not discovering very many clues.
  • Resolution
  • Highway 47California
  • The killer ex boyfriend runs from the private detective which he will later regret!
  • Get back here you criminal!!
  • Skreech
  • Kenzy was chasing the killer ex boyfriend on the highway trying to stop him he is gonna make another scene driving so fast.
  • Terry crashes into the same sign that he killed Caroline at what a sad way to go out.
  • Omg Terry
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