journeys end

Updated: 9/9/2021
journeys end

Storyboard Text

  • Stanhope's experience alone makes him worth a thousand people like me.
  • You know, Osborne, you ought to be commanding this company
  • Oh yes-er-just a small one sir
  • Will you have a drink?
  • If you notice a-difference in Stanhope- you'll know it's only the strain
  • Hardy and Osborne discuss various subjects such as Stanhope
  • How did you- get here?
  • Hardy leaves and Osborne meets Raleigh
  • The beastly pain gets worse every day
  • Osborne prepares Raleigh for the new Stanhope
  • Kiss me uncle
  • Kiss you be damned!
  • Trotter and Stanhope come to eat but Stanhope is surprised by Raleigh's appearance
  • Hibbert enters and complains about neuralgia
  • Stanhope talks about censoring Raleigh's letter until he drinks himself to sleep