Updated: 9/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hey there, Im in forest a place that a lot of people can't come through because it is so dangerous.
  • Kira is currently at my old village, and her dad is at my new village, so we need to get her to my new village.
  • Im Matty, and this is Kira . We have an important trip to go through, so I will bring you along.
  • But there is one thing, WE HAVE TO GO THROUGH FOREST.
  • But there is one problem, Mentor has changed from being the kindness person ever to the most destructive person ever, and has voted to close the boarder.
  • We have to go through forest which has changed and I don't even think its safe for me, and also we have to get to my new village before they close the borders.