The Birth of Rome
Updated: 2/3/2020
The Birth of Rome
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  • A very long time ago, the Roman God Mars and a Princess named Rhea Silvia had twin babies. They named them Romulus and Remus.
  • Unfortunately, the king Amulius was threatened by them and so he planned to kill them. He ordered his servants to steal the babies and throw them into the river Tiber.
  • The two babies floated down the river until the river god Tiberinus saved them and put them safely in a basket on the shore. A kind she-wolf rescued the babies and took them back to her cave.
  • A local Shepherd found them and took the twins back to his house where he raised them as his own. They grew up oblivious to their own true identities.
  • Years later when they were young adults the twins were involved in a public dispute. Remus was arrested and while Romulus was trying to save him, they discovered that they were royalty.
  • Once Remus was free they decided to kill King Amulius. Then they set off to find a place to make a city of their own. They agreed on the seven hills...
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